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JP-S6330563-U: patent, JP-S6338092-U: patent, JP-S6340389-U: patent, JP-S6340634-U: patent, JP-S634387-U: patent, JP-S6346915-U: patent, JP-S6357187-U: patent, JP-S6363452-U: patent, JP-S6371508-U: patent, JP-S6372338-U: patent, JP-S6373212-U: patent, JP-S6375640-U: patent, JP-S6378601-U: patent, JP-S6378948-U: patent, JP-S6382322-U: patent, JP-S6384017-U: patent, JP-S6389803-U: patent, JP-S6391225-U: patent, JP-S6394770-U: patent, JP-S6396767-U: patent, JP-S6399495-U: patent, JP-S6410442-U: patent, JP-S6410620-U: patent, JP-S6416608-U: patent, JP-S6421679-U: patent, JP-S6426117-U: patent, JP-S642962-U: patent, JP-S6430370-U: patent, JP-S6433234-U: patent, JP-S6434241-U: patent, JP-S6437514-U: patent, JP-S643768-U: patent, JP-S6439997-U: patent, JP-S6442714-U: patent, JP-S6445476-U: patent, JP-S646781-U: patent, JP-S648999-U: patent, JP-S649493-U: patent, KR-20160003918-U: Power gate for truck patent, KR-20170002163-U: 폴딩식 광학패널을 구비하는 스마트폰 케이스 patent, KR-20170003128-U: Transportation equipment buckets patent, JP-WO2013162043-A1: 流動性に優れたポリカーボネート樹脂組成物、及びその成形体 patent, US-2001012541-A1: Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head patent, US-2001015223-A1: Directional seat valve patent, US-2001026867-A1: Thermoforming mold, thermoformed article and process for producing same, and laminated molding article and process for producing same patent, US-2001029611-A1: Information processing apparatus and method, and medium patent, US-2001050887-A1: Method of controlling a rotational rate of an optical disc and optical disc recording device using the same patent, US-2002008511-A1: Dual mode coating thickness measuring instrument patent, US-2002025145-A1: Fundus camera patent, US-2002032704-A1: Printer and control program product therefor patent, US-2002033504-A1: Si-MOS high-frequency semiconductor device and the manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2002054953-A1: Edulcorating soluble composition containing alimentary fibres, its preparation and use for alimentary purpose patent, US-2002065217-A1: Treatments which elevate functional glycosylated leptin transport factor, for controlling weight and obesity patent, US-2002068707-A1: Iga nephropathy-related genes patent, US-2002084812-A1: Driving circuit and constant current driving apparatus using the same patent, US-2002088502-A1: Smart dosing device patent, GB-2480214-A: System comprising a lifeboat and arrangement for launch of the lifeboat from offshore installations patent, US-2002095051-A1: Production method of citalopram, intermediate therefor and production method of the intermediate patent, US-2002123759-A1: Intravasculas occlusion devices patent, US-2002132254-A1: Molecular labeling and assay systems using poly (amino acid)-metal ion complexes as linkers patent, US-2002141173-A1: Light source device, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same patent, US-2002198821-A1: Method and apparatus for matching risk to return patent, US-2003011706-A1: Deployable monitoring device having self-righting housing and associated method patent, US-2003016576-A1: Nonvolatile memory device and refreshing method patent, US-2003023221-A1: Sanitary napkin patent, US-2003024116-A1: Method of establishing an electrical connection patent, US-2003035031-A1: Ink jet head and production method of the same patent, US-2003041495-A1: Color-coded slide holder patent, US-2003057443-A1: Method for fabricating an optical transmitting subassembly patent, US-2003062108-A1: Pneumatic tire having multiple modulus body cord to reduce rolling resistance patent, US-2003069151-A1: Method for obtaining clean silicon surfaces for semiconductor manufacturing patent, US-2003078407-A1: DNA encoding orphan SNORF53 receptor patent, US-2003082438-A1: Cooling system for batteries in electric vehicle patent, US-2003083939-A1: Automated lost property recovery and marketing system and program patent, US-2003100056-A1: Protein cluster II patent, US-2003100380-A1: Face-balanced golf putter patent, US-2003135270-A1: Polyurethane sufrace buttressed cardiac valve suture ring patent, US-2003143892-A1: Electrical connector system patent, US-2003144928-A1: Parts distribution managing system, parts distribution managing method and enclosed tag packed with parts patent, US-2003157251-A1: Coating method patent, US-2003159066-A1: Method and apparatus for network user location verification patent, US-2003166823-A1: Polymers with antimicrobial, bioresistant and fungal resistant properties patent, JP-2950324-B1: 酸化ガリウムおよびその製造方法 patent, JP-3009651-B1: 3次元データを圧縮する方法、復元方法 patent, JP-4592824-B1: 水中構造物 patent, JP-5830632-B1: 撮像装置、撮像方法、およびプログラム patent, JP-S4914682-B1: patent, JP-S4928630-B1: patent, JP-S4930892-B1: patent, JP-S4942543-B1: patent, JP-S498672-B1: patent, JP-S503300-B1: patent, JP-S5034988-B1: patent, JP-S5040930-B1: patent, JP-S5121415-B1: patent, JP-S5122468-B1: patent, JP-S5125111-B1: patent, JP-S516826-B1: patent, JP-S5312158-B1: patent, KR-100567276-B1: Jig and method for measuring optical property of organic electroluminescent device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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