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US-D294000-S: Punch patent, US-D294777-S: Infant automobile seat patent, US-D294940-S: Telephone set patent, US-D295351-S: Cup and saucer stand patent, US-D295871-S: Image switching attachment for a telescope or similar optical instrument patent, US-D296422-S: Combined container, lid and carrying handle patent, US-D296534-S: Plaque or similar article patent, US-D298374-S: Mechanic's creeper patent, US-D298634-S: Combined ultraviolet lamp and magnifying lens for authenticating bank notes patent, US-D298924-S: Reusable tray for the growing of seedlings patent, US-D299470-S: Marking instrument patent, US-D299995-S: Croissant slicer patent, US-D300088-S: Photograph display device or the like patent, US-D300334-S: Puzzle patent, US-D300790-S: Stand for holding bananas patent, US-D301030-S: Terminal outlet box for an electrical track for room lighting system patent, US-D301158-S: Puzzle patent, US-D301197-S: Bottle stopper remover patent, US-D301216-S: Bicycle for two patent, US-D302620-S: Basket for produce patent, US-D302752-S: Sheltered bird feeder patent, US-D302796-S: Sports clock patent, US-D303643-S: Prime mover vehicle for pulling or lifting a load patent, US-D304278-S: Condiment mill patent, US-D304896-S: Corn silker patent, US-D305063-S: Whirlpool bath tub patent, US-D305890-S: Housing for an upright telephone base patent, US-D305963-S: Combined brush and ice scraper patent, US-D306225-S: Vacuum cleaner patent, US-D307269-S: Video player patent, US-D307645-S: Cartridge and foil for a dry shaver patent, US-D307933-S: Countertop water filter patent, US-D308219-S: Desktop page printer patent, US-D308236-S: Down marker patent, US-D308766-S: Golf club cleaner patent, US-D309684-S: Attachment tray for a walker or similar article patent, US-D310072-S: Enclosure for a watertight underwater computer display module patent, US-D310265-S: Immunoassay test kit patent, US-D311973-S: Electric shaver patent, US-D312178-S: Combined received and dispenser for plastic bags patent, US-D313646-S: Spout patent, US-D314283-S: Adjustable picture frame patent, US-D315116-S: Bracelet or similar article patent, US-D316951-S: Vegetation barrier patent, US-D318258-S: Dual mode aircraft patent, US-D319266-S: Game board patent, US-D319774-S: Door guard patent, US-D319842-S: Toner cartridge for a printer patent, US-D320256-S: Combined water filter and stand therefor or similar article patent, US-D320703-S: Rockable foot stool patent, US-D320854-S: Diaper for incontinent persons patent, US-D320905-S: Coffee maker patent, US-D320932-S: Bottle patent, US-D322029-S: Combined bottle and cap patent, US-D322083-S: Eyeglass device patent, US-D322544-S: Tool for crimping electrical terminal connections or the like patent, US-D327241-S: Automobile tire patent, US-D328421-S: Combined bottle and closure patent, US-D332307-S: Coupling for a tank patent, US-D332319-S: Combined radio and flashlight patent, US-D332398-S: Tear drop package patent, US-D332608-S: Combined microphone, speaker and amplifier patent, US-D333467-S: Speaker box patent, US-D334567-S: Electronic filing system with facsimile transmitter/receiver patent, US-D334631-S: Combined cigarette filter and container for cigarette smoke patent, US-D334849-S: Child's swing patent, US-D334894-S: Vehicle testing instrument patent, US-D335081-S: Pharmaceutical tablet dispenser patent, US-D336256-S: Spectroradiometer patent, US-D337588-S: Hand held voice actuated control apparatus patent, US-D338464-S: Megaphone for use with bingo games patent, US-D338779-S: Combined backpack and chair-pack patent, US-D339575-S: Computer keyboard patent, US-D342791-S: Enclosure for hot or cold therapy pads patent, US-D343914-S: Medical examination light patent, US-D343973-S: Braking assembly for preventing paper from unrolling too rapidly patent, US-D344193-S: Arm chair patent, US-D344499-S: Wrist support for a key board patent, US-D344873-S: Convection oven lid patent, US-D346542-S: Rotary cutting tool patent, US-D347206-S: Anchor (bower and mooring) patent, US-D347433-S: Pager patent, US-D347858-S: Note holder patent, US-D351080-S: Storage case for compact discs patent, US-D351153-S: Reel-down for a video cassette patent, US-D352077-S: Toy building block patent, US-D353810-S: Base station panel patent, US-D355680-S: Chess piece head patent, US-D355711-S: Toilet bowl patent, US-D355745-S: Patio cart patent, US-D355943-S: Golf ball patent, US-D356424-S: Bank patent, US-D357408-S: Trigger sprayer patent, US-D357569-S: Headband patent, US-D358193-S: Fishing lure patent, US-D358571-S: Vehicle front floor mat patent, US-D360397-S: Battery pack for portable electronic devices patent, US-D361322-S: Portable personal computer patent, US-D362050-S: Whirlpool bath patent, US-D362802-S: Packing box for infant socks patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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