System comprising a lifeboat and arrangement for launch of the lifeboat from offshore installations


A free-fall lifeboat (1) for use on offshore platforms, wherein the lifeboat is releasably secured in a launchuic, arrangement and is configured with a closed, elongated hull provided with an elongated slide means (5a, 5b) secured to each side of the hull along the longitudinal direction of the hull. The slide means (5a, 5b) extend from a forward point (4a, 4b) close to the bow to a realpoint (3a, 3b) astern of the lifeboat's centre of gravity (9). The launching arrangement is provided with elongated rear guide means (7a, 7b) and an arc-shaped forward guide means (6a, 6b) arranged in an inclined position from the platform and extending obliquely down towards the sea surface in a direction away from the platform. The lifeboat's forward support point (4a, 4b) is designed to slide inside the guide means (6a, 6b) so as to allow the lifeboat to fall along the whole length of the forward guide means (6a, 6b) of the launching arrangement whilst the stern end slides along the rear guide means (7a, 7b).




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